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Our Endowments

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OUR ENDOWMENTS Help us discover a robust future!

One of the major pillars of long term sustainability for our Catholic schools are her endowments. Endowments are particularly suited to safeguard ongoing operational needs that keep the promise of our ministry to provide an affordable Catholic education. These family profiles go beyond the books, bricks, and mortar needed for our schools by sharing the human impact; our school is a parish ministry meant to build up families and thus build up our community.


Instead of attending their neighborhood public school, the least safe and lowest performing elementary school in our county, Paula and Rudy have been at the safest and highest performing school. They have earned honors in our classroom and on the athletic field. Like their parents who worked hard to bring them to the United States, they are kind, committed, and have a bright future because they came to where they would be welcomed and nurtured, where the charity of others would plant the seeds for their bright future.


Pregnant with twins, and feeling too sick to make it, an Iraqi Catholic family turned around on the way to morning mass to return home. Then ISIS attacked. As the last surviving members of their parish they fled, came to the US as refugees, and their three beautiful girls are able to attend our school after struggling to find peace in a chaotic public school. "I will never forget the moment when they came to us for help. They showed such incredible gratitude ... I was so humbled. My world changed that day. Certain things no longer mattered. All that mattered was ensuring they could find the peace, hope, love, and preparation our community could provide. We were able to give them financial aid, but the affirmation of our mission and ministry that they have given is just so much more.“


Struggling to afford, even after assistance, a Catholic education for his kids before, turned into what seemed an impossibility once incarcerated. Ken provides nothing but remorse for the decisions that placed him in prison, and great gratitude that we were able to keep them enrolled and have them successfully graduate. Now free, and a steady volunteer his mantra is, "You saved my kids ... you saved me ... nothing I can do can repay you."