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Advancement Director’s Welcome

Advancement Director’s Welcome
photo of Crystal Grisenti

Recently, my third grader came to me with a sign she created. The poster was colorfully adorned with large lemons, and read in big, bold letters, "LEMONADE FOR SALE! A dime per cup! We are selling lemonade to raise money for the homeless."

There are few times in my parental journey that I have known with absolute certainty that I am making precisely the right choice. Choosing to send my daughter to Sacred Heart School has been one of them. Watching her realize something more significant than herself, having empathy for those in need, and taking actions to make a change to better the world is profound.

It isn't hard to see that the value of Catholic education is not short-lived. The value can be found in our student's abilities to go on and live fulfilled lives, with empathy and an understanding of the world around them, and a drive to make a difference.

Every alumni, patron, friend, and staff member that has supported Sacred Heart over the last 120 years has built the foundation in which our school continues to grow and thrive.

And we are thriving! Our enrollment numbers continue to grow, and our 2020 Annual Gala and Auction was one of our most successful fundraisers yet! There is no question that this is due to the generosity of our donors, alumni, parents, and supporters. It is also evidence of the importance of ensuring Catholic education's longevity and vibrancy in our community. Only through your support can future generations benefit from an affordable and quality Catholic education like many others before them.

As I look forward to the future of Sacred Heart, I have a deep sense of gratitude, excitement, and appreciation for our community and your support and generosity.

In continued partnership,

Crystal Grisenti
Director of Advancement & Marketing