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Prospective Parents

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Why a Catholic Education?

The choice of a Catholic Education for your child provides many advantages:

  • According to the Nation’s Report Card (2011) from the U.S Department of Education, Catholic schools on the whole academically outperform every other type of school and significantly outperform public schools.
  • Parental involvement, one of the most important indicators of academic success, is significantly higher at Catholic schools.
  • The school is supported not just by the school staff and parents but by the entire parish community. This higher level of support forms an extensive and nurturing community for the academic and spiritual growth of your child.
  • Studies have shown that children who receive a Catholic education are more likely to attend mass regularly, be involved in parish organizations, receive communion, believe in life after death, report themselves as “very happy” with their adult life, report their marriages as “very happy”, report their health as “excellent” and say they receive a “great deal of satisfaction from their family life.”

Why Sacred Heart School?

  • Academically, Sacred Heart School outperforms 89 percent of all students across the county on national, standardized tests.
  • Spanish is a required curriculum at Sacred Heart for all students, kindergarten through grade 5. Spanish language skills are a valuable asset due to our developing and changing culture.
  • Sacred Heart provides a full-day kindergarten curriculum with music and art in addition to the core subjects of reading, math and religion. Studies have continually shown that students who attend full-day kindergarten perform better in their academic careers.
  • Sacred Heart provides a Transitional Kindergarten class (TK) from the hours of 8am to 1pm introducing all the core subjects while still focusing on play based learning.